Profile - About Us

'Sky is the Limit' is old saying; We believe in "Space", the boundless and the new dimension to human efforts.

Who are We?

  • We have end-to-end presence in the monitoring domain, extending from the chip level to the user systems level that integrate higher order business intelligence generation processes.
  • Elena has been specializing only in this niche segment which involves creation of entire downstream eco system from the NAVIC receiver to a complicated intelligence system that could harness the power of monitoring to increase production of corporations with the same resources.Through indigenous research and development, Elena now has the best suited solution for India, The Elena NAVIC Module. It can receive L1, L2, L5 and S Band and process the signals to obtain very accurate navigational parameters. The processing includes algorithms created by ISRO specifically for use over Indianregion. Elena is the only organization outside ISRO to have these capabilities, as on date.
  • We are registered with Ministry of Company Affairs, GOI, under Company Identity Number (CIN) U72200PN2012PTC145303.

What we do?

  • Elena in its kitty has Elena VTS, which is a hardware-based vehicle tracking system,Drish, which is a software based personal monitoring system and IntegratedTransport Monitoring System using both.
  • We develop and implement dedicated turnkey monitoring solutions that will maximize human productivity, minimize accidents and prevent losses through our solutions.
  • Our solutions integrate, mobiles based android applications, dedicated tracking hardware, the sensors, the human involved in between, and the procedures, into a backbone web portal that feeds to the operations control rooms, and to the management even while on move.
  • We provide these solutions in System As A Service (SAAS) mode for Indian corporatrs.
  • We Supply and maintain tracking Hardware
  • Offer training and trained manpower for GNSS research and solution providers.

Our Team

  • Core team – V S Velan, Naveena R, Sanjay Kumar Verma, Rajendra Prasad Nadella.
  • Expert Advisers – Maj Gen R N Thakur, Col S Pany, Mr Surya Sharda, Dr Kibe, Dr.Ganesan .
  • Development Partners – Foreign – M/s TeleOrbit, Germany, M/s TeleConsult, Austria, M/s NTLab Belarus.
  • Associated Institutions - Burdwan Univ, KIIT (Bubneshwar), ITER(Bubneshwar).

Other Activities

  • Develope solutions for NavIC .
  • Help in adopting foriegn GNSS solutions and products to Indian terrain, Indian working condition and culture.
  • Undertake research for OEM of GNSS products by conducting study performance of Multi GNSS systems along with IRNSS, EGNOS, GAGAN and MSAS.