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We believe in collaborative working. Our solutions integrate varied technologies and we do not wanto to be expert in all. We understand that to provide best solution for our clients, we need to work with others experts. If you have a distruptive idea in Satellite Bbased Navigation, Monitoring, Geo ERM domains, and have a product that can be taken to the market, please contact us. We will guide you, rework your product if required, position it correctly and provide a market network. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please send mail to

Tele Orbit

  • An experienced Locatineering© enterprise, TeleOrbit GmbH sets new standards as a manufacturing and sales company for GNSS and mobile positioning technologies in its segment.
  • In the GNSS-segment Teleorbit ® raises the bar by recording and processing each and every global available satellite data and applying the newest verified technologies and innovations.
  • TeleOrbit ® invites you to meet with passionate and skilled engineers, innovative products, and professional services and to assure yourself of the offered range of services.