Personal Products
All derived from award wining concept called MODISĀ® , developed by TeleOrbit of Germany. Tested and Perfected by Elena for Indian environment, is a comprehensive platform for personal monitoring.

can be adopted for monitoring resources where humans are involved. Can be used for reducing supervisory staff, building better work culture.
is for personal protection. It can be used of offering comprehensive protection for staff. It is very effective as it is a tool in the hands of the staff / client rather than a hardware fitted on a vehicle etc. The alarm button sounds alarm the monitoring center apart from sending sms.
is a tool for tracking and helping elderly, children and those who need medical attention. It is not intrusive, simple and effective. Collapse detector helps victims who go unconscious as well.
It integrates all transport and other movements to present a composite view to the management.Through close continuous and automated monitoring it ensures full utilisation of transport resources. It increases efficiency by reducing loss and increasing productivity for the same set of assets.
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