Research Services

  • Provision trained manpower on hire for GNSS and GIS based research for clients.
  • Hire-out high quality GNSS equipment for research.
  • Undertake field survey and data collection on contract basis.
  • Carry out evaluation and field trials of GNSS products.
  • Conduct surveys and collect user requirements for GNSS based solutions.
  • We provide a fully equipped vehicle for GNSS based monitoring, research and training purposes.

Training for working professionals and corporates

  • Certification courses.
  • On the job training.
  • Up gradation and specialization courses for existing GNSS professionals.

Training for students

  • Vocational training in GNSS, Navigation, GIS and GST.
  • Internship and on-the-job-training in conjunction with the college.
  • Provide projects and project assistance for project work in GNSS based monitoring.
  • Conduct classes for students as part of the curriculum.