Mundane data from the tracking system does not serve decision making process, hence we go couple of steps ahead and implement an integrated monitoring systems which integrates the trackering devices and platforms on one end and the management processes on the other end. Each of this solution is developed from zero using our library for each corporate house to meet its organisational culture, goal and priorities.

At present we have following solutions developed and functioning in various corporates :-

  • Transport Mangement System
  • Sales Force Management System.
  • Fleet Management System.
  • College Bus Management System (under developement).
Our Solutions are better since :-

  • They are well researched, based on Indian terrain and performance of the signals over India.
  • They reduce losses upto 50% and increase productivity upto 20%.
  • They use high quality products brought through agreements with existing OEMS.
  • They Extend all through the spectrum from the chips, electronic boards, embedded systems, applications, web portal to the business intelligence.
  • We provide close support in terms of training, maintenance and on call clarifications.
  • We can setup dedicated network within the client premises and store all data inside it.