Elena Geo Systems

Our Mission

Implement monitoring solutions in Navic region through indigenous research and development taking into consideration the user requirements, work culture, government rules and regulations and local infrastructure

Advantages of Elena!

  • Well researched solutions, based on Indian terrain and performance of the signals over India.
  • Good understanding of requirements.
  • Presence all through the spectrum of the solution.
  • High Quality products through quality manufacturing.
  • Generation of Business Intelligence direct from monitoring solutions.
  • Elena Geo Systems

    Our Products

    Elena Geo Systems

    Continuous innovation through R & D


    Research and development for human needs is the core of our business model

    Total cost of ownership

    We provide comprehensive and extensive solution that suits your budget


    We are committed to provide best quality and service


    Our solutions meet Indian and International Standards

    Elena Geo Systems

    Through indigenous research and development we have the best suited monitoring solution for the Asian region

    Navic based monitoring solutions

    Development of user devices for Navic Technology

    Intelligent Vehicle Tracking Solution

    Integration into IOT